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course takes a deep
Moz is the company behind Open Site Explorer, Keyword Explorer, and loads of other SEO tools. Since experts at Moz are among the world’s foremost authorities on SEO, you know their SEO training course is gold. The best part about it? It’s completely free!

This 3.5-hour course takes a deep dive into the basics of SEO. You will learn how to put together a solid SEO strategy and perform a 5-point SEO audit on your site. It also covers the fundamentals of keyword research, on-page SEO, link building and tracking SERPs.

This is another free SEO course worth looking into. It covers the current landscape of SEO, how it has changed over the years and the strategies that you need to implement to keep your site ranking well over the long-term.

The course is taught by David Bain, the Head of Growth for AnalyticsSEO. Bain has nearly 15 years of experience in the SEO industry, so his course is great for new SEOs. Nearly 50,000 students have enrolled and it has received a 4.4 rating.Many self-proclaimed gurus waste your time on nonsensical theories. If you are skeptical of their feedback, you should listen to an expert that has achieved tangible results. Matt Jensen, a partner at iMarket XL, gives a detailed overview of the steps he took to get his sites ranking.

Jensen teaches you how to boost conversions and rankings through reducing the load times of your site and improving UX. He also talks about building an authority site that gets mentioned in major publications, such as the New York Times. Few other courses even touch on these topics, but Jensen gives these tips away for only $10. If you are serious about ranking better, this is a deal you just can’t miss.

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