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e and knew we were here.
The light rain is still down, the sun has reached out, and my grandmother and I are holding umbrellas, "Hurry up, hurry up, and you won't be able to see your grandpa's play anymore. Grandma said holding the pot of wine for grandpa. Maybe It was Xiaoyu that slipped the gravel road, maybe Grandma was so anxious that she fell down. I hurried up and lifted up, and whispered "Is everything right? "Grandma looked at the wine and said," It's okay. "I asked why the lid of the wine jar wasn't covered. Grandma explained," The wine is faster than people. Your grandpa smelled the wine and knew we were here. " I glanced at the wine without spilling a drop. We went up again, the rain was about to stop, the sun was shining, and everything was bright. After all, I caught up Grandpa was singing on the big stage, "You toast me a glass of wine, I will give you a good show ..." When the wine in the hands of grandma, the aroma drifted into Grandpa's nose, I Seeing that, he immediately turned his face towards us, and his two hazy eyes lit up the heat again. It seems that the wine has helped Xing, and his singing voice is louder and the tone is better this time. It seems to cover the sound of the rain hitting the awning. It has directly entered people's hearts and made people's hearts "hot" . Look at grandma again, sitting there quietly, only two eyes glowed, shining on grandpa like a spotlight. The wine she held in her hands was as calm as her, without any ripples. Grandpa finished singing and came to grandma without changing the costume. "Here you are, this is the finest wine, strong flavor!" Grandma passed the jar of wine excitedly at this moment. Grandpa came to drink and drank, and dragged a long voice with a playful voice: "Good wine-ah!" The sky was clear, and God gave us a bright rainbow selflessly Grandpa changed his clothes, took a pout of wine, and walked home with his grandma. In the clear sky, the two of them were walking in the middle of the rainbow and gave me a brand new feeling. It turned out that people are old, as long as their hearts are not old, they still have a passion and love, and they have an aftertaste like wine. And grandma love each other, accompanied by bursts of wine.
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