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ecomes a distant sound
e swing frame. In the courtyard, swinging in the courtyard. Laughter is swaying in the cool breeze. The sweat is wet and the hair is messy. But I don��t know, the man you have been obsessed with for a lifetime, the clothes are light, and you look at your smile far away. Panic ran back to the mortuary, picking up a green plum to cover up the inner shyness, leaning against the door and facing him. At first sight, love, the love of the world. Only this moment of shock. You, the first half is heaven, the latter half is hell; The first half is sweet, the second half is bitter spring blossoms, you and he walked hand in hand on the street, enjoying the spring breeze and the hustle and bustle, the daylight is clear and bright. You sell flowers, buy a spring to put on. You cloud slanting, apprentice I want to teach Lang than to look at it. He looks at it. You, smile, don't speak. Cheerful, let him tell the truth. You are his warmth, his world is April. Flowers are beautiful again, and it is also an instant. How can it compare to the love and love of his life. Since seeing you at first sight, he has been drunk in your beautiful face, and has long heard of talent. He falls in love with your naughty and vie for favor. Even a delicate flower will not let go. Such a pet, he knows, you love him, love is like the sea. No matter whether it is the first stream of flowers or not, this flower does not compare with the flowers. This is the portrayal of Li Yi'an's high and lonely character. Such a character, strong love, has created a persevering character. Zhao Mingcheng was framed after his death. A weak woman took the golden stone antiquities and chased him and gave it to the court to show his patriotism and show his clean for the dead husband. All the way to the displacement, all the way to the loss of ancient things, all the way was robbed and robbed, all the hardships. The disaster is not alone. Was cheated. Everyone was stunned and beaten. In the Song Dynasty, where she was prosperous, she would rather endure prison crimes than to endure domestic violence and still regain her freedom from divorce. This, how tough Awesome. "Hate this year, it is late to explore the plum", "the scorpion hurts the spring and the comb is more combed, and the evening wind garden falls to the beginning of the plum." She loves plum blossoms, and there is no shortage of plum blossoms in his writings. She loves her high, tough, unyielding nature. She is open in the early spring, plum blossoms, a single. The words were discouraged in front of her. Carrying things with words. This chrysanthemum, this plum, symbolizes her high purity, how deep the love is, and how deep the bitterness is. "Dream breaks quietly, screaming thick wine annoyed. Bao pillow is cold, Tsui Ping Xiang Xiao. Who sweeps the red outside the door? The night comes to the wind. Where does the jade sound break? Spring goes again, endures the return period. This hate this time, to support the cloud, ask Dong Jun." Night is silent, the sound is even more leaking, hitting quiet. The first sight of a dream is beautiful. Woke up, the treasure pillow is cold, sad and lonely. It��s even more embarrassing to drink with wine. The wind blows the petals of a place, and the broken heart is broken. The turbulent years have become a thing of the past, the heart is tired, the tears are silent, no one listens to the whispers. How can you get black alone? When the lover dies, her happiness becomes a distant sound. He is her spring, he is the flower of her tree, he is the warmth of her life. People are not there, spring is coming, Li Qingzhao's spring, red is not a petal, it is the broken of love. In front of her sculpture, her thoughts are full. I saw the life of a female lover. After a rough time. The country is broken, the family is dead, and the lover has passed away. Accompanying her is the sweetness of Huaichun��s young girl��s love and the warmth of her love. She used to have the Qinghuan, the warmth, and the wine of the memory of the altar. It was deep in the night, and she had a sweet drink to resolve the sorrow. I don't know, the moon went upstairs, and I even said that Li Qingzhao was lonely after the second half of life. After all, the happiness of the first half of life can be treasured. There are very few couples who have no love to make wine and confidante. There are still many marriages with love. Love fades in the daily porridge and rice. Faded love still has love. Pick up the bits and pieces of love and sew it into a splendid, one stitch and one thread. Memories, treasures. Keeping happiness, guarding the love of the past, and managing the present. He went away and sent a love message: Mo Dao is not ecstasy, the curtain is winding west wind, and people are thinner than yellow flowers Send a bunch of lilies to the love of the world, the clouds are sloping, and the low voice asks a sigh: the priest wants to teach the lang to be late in the sky, and step away in the setting sun. Looking back, a residential building, bathed in the afterglow of the setting sun. I seem to see her guarding the window, complaining: how can I get black alone?
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