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fanes the wind for me, an
What is happiness? The soldiers said: "Happiness is stationed in the frontier and protects the country." The businessman said: "Happiness is in exchange for the greatest benefit in terms of minimum cost." The lover said: "Happiness is the hand of the child, and the child is old." The athlete said: "Happiness is standing on the podium for the country to glory." I said: "Happiness is a small matter, a moment of small things. What is happiness? Happiness is an umbrella in the rainy days, sloppy I forgot to bring an umbrella. When I was anxious, I saw a figure, a familiar figure. It was Mom, my mother came to give me an umbrella. When I was so happy that I saw my mother, I was shocked! On my mother��s wrinkled face I have long been unable to tell if there is a bit of sweat and a little bit of rain. My mother has already got wet in order to send me an umbrella. On the way home, I held the umbrella that my mother sent, very warm. For me. In fact, this is what happiness is happiness? Happiness is a sigh of relief, I fell on the bike. Looking at the bleeding knee, I first thought of my mother. When I got home, I thought I would get my mother��s comfort. I didn��t expect to welcome it. At this moment, I was full of painful tears, and my mother��s words were really worse. I cried and vowed not to talk to my mother anymore. When my mother bandaged the wound for me, I changed my mind because I I saw my mother��s tears, my mother cried. I suddenly realized that my mother was jealous because I was hurting! For me, this is also happiness and happiness. Happiness is the cool breeze in summer. When there is no electric fan at home. If the heat can only use the fan to fan the wind When I sleep, my mother fanes the wind for me, and the side fan says, "Hurry up!" I still have to go to school tomorrow! I am cool, but my mother! I had already sweated, but there was no complaint. I turned to sleep. My mother thought that I slept, so I didn't fan. Actually! How can I fall asleep? For me, this is happiness! When you are not sensible, happiness is embraced by your mother; sensible, happiness is praised by your mother; now, happiness is the mother who takes pride in me. In fact, happiness is everywhere, but it is looking for a pair of careful eyes. Happiness is very simple. When you find it, you will suddenly realize that this is happiness!
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