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foot against him, and the pe
A few days ago I went to another school to open a sports meeting. We sat down on the ground, but we were dirty. Others were in the competition. When we met our class, we quickly got up. I was with the same seat and her back seat. She The backseat always tells jokes. I am always happy to marry her. We both played and played one, and our arms were blue After a day and a half of sports, my legs hurt. I laughed in the back seat and said: "We don't have less exercise than athletes." After that, we both laughed. I am so happy. Sitting on that piece, I still can't talk, but many people say, we also said, I married her several feet, and now the leg still hurts. It was even more painful to ride a bicycle yesterday. Now I want to laugh at the joke she said. That afternoon, a boy's foot touched my leg gently, a lot of gray, I was anxious, I pushed, thought he would not fall, because he is very fat, I did not expect him to fall, then I will count, He slammed his foot against him, and the people on the side looked at him, and I was too. The man who was angry was speechless. When he thought about the boy, he wanted to laugh One day, I always remembered that thing! [Actually, the sports meeting is also very fun! There will be many fun stories! Haha!
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