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In these years, in order to live, I am running around, hard to say, and there is very little time to calm down. Occasionally read and read, but also magazines and magazines. Because there is less free time, plus the need to look after the children. I always wanted to buy some books back, fill in these shortcomings, but I can suffer from complicated family affairs. I have been delaying until now that the sun is shining and breezy. I got off the bus and walked down the street. The shops on both sides were full of dazzling goods. Although the south is warm, the weather is still dry. Touch your own slightly cracked lips and buy a lipstick for yourself. When I think of my childhood, I saw my sister holding a round, beautiful plastic bobbin in front of the dressing table. I twisted and twisted, and I walked curiously and said, "Sister, you crayons. It��s so beautiful, can you paint me?�� The sister listened and smiled: ��Small silly, this is a lipstick, not a crayon. Applying it to the lips can make the girl more beautiful. Come, sister will paint you a little.�� When I said that I would pull it over my lips, I was so scared that I was going to retire. I yelled in my mouth: "Don't you, this is for adults." The older sister laughed more happily and later learned that her sister had booked a kiss. Lipstick is the brother-in-law who sent her sister. Whenever my brother-in-law or my sister goes out, my sister will put lipstick on her lips and ask me, "Is your sister beautiful?" And I will always be happy to pat the little hand and say, "Sister is so beautiful! My sister is beautiful!" Not falling, my sister gently twisted my face with my hand, and then with a big smile, disappeared in the small road in front of the village. With the increase of age, at the age of twelve, I did not know why I had a strong interest in lipstick. I always want to be a little red on my lips, thinking that I can be as beautiful as my sister. At that time, my sister had been married. I rummaged through the drawer that my sister used. I finally found my sister��s pink lipstick in a small box. I jumped heartily, no one at home, closed the door and went to the shackles, for fear that who would suddenly come in, excitedly smeared in the mirror like a sister from top to bottom. After that, I took a closer look and walked away. The little girl in the mirror had a little bit of lips, and it was more beautiful: I whispered my mouth, hoeed my head, and licked my face with a finger, and made a face in the mirror. I mentioned the beauty, and suddenly my mother shouted outside the door: "Who is tying the door?" I listened to my heart and panicked, as if doing something wrong, hurriedly hiding my lipstick, while using my heart. The back of the hand wiped the lipstick on the mouth and opened the door. My mother came into the door and looked at me with a blush. I asked, "What is this little girl doing at home, and also plugging the door?" I swayed straight and waved my hand: "No, nothing." Then I ran out . The cuteness of childhood can not help but remind me of the famous American makeup artist Carl Pijes in the book "The relationship between lipstick and women's minutes and seconds": "The concept of lipstick consumption will never be static, because women always It is a lively angel." Thinking about it, I didn't realize that I went to a cosmetics store. When I didn't hesitate to go in, a girl of about 20 years old greeted her warmly and seemed to be doing business. She was busy asking me what I needed. I pointed to my lips and laughed. The girl would like to take me to the lipstick counter and gestured to me to pick and choose the various lipsticks and various lipstick colors. A match between a person's skin color and age. I wanted to pick a lip gloss, but the girl said, "The lip gloss is gorgeous but not lipstick lasting. Lipstick is a must-have cosmetic for women. You can't paint your eyebrows, but you must have a lipstick that suits you." She said from a row Pick a piece between the mouth and let me see. I asked: "Can you try?" The girl said: "I didn't try to install this, but it must be suitable for you, your skin is white, good color." I don't want to buy this because I can't try it. In the past few years, I have been a clear-faced, simple dress, and I have not deliberately modified myself. Maybe life is busy, Ignore myself, so I am a bit strange to lipstick. Usually, I will apply some lip balm. Look at the girl is not like the kind of person who deliberately promotes the product, but also likes me, and believe her once. What is not suitable? Buying another one is "I didn't lie to you, this lot of people bought, there are not many now." The girl explained to me again, added. "I believe in your vision, I will buy this one." I picked up the lipstick and shook it in front of the girl and said that I paid the money. The girl stopped me when she left It turned out that she wanted me to apply it on my lips and bring it to me. I looked at the red mark on the lips in the mirror, and my face could not help but smudge a blush. This reminded me of the ancient woman's micro-open cherry mouth, sing a song "spot lips", which makes people fascinated . I feel that myself in the mirror has become spiritual and sunny. What is even more amazing is the small decoration, but it adds a little feminine charm to me. The girl took the blush and the small brush again, and said that I flicked on my cheeks and said: "The blush is more beautiful." It��s really a lovable girl, just think that the cheeks are too red and busy. Wipe off the paper towel. The girl looked at me and smiled. Out of the door, the mood is pleasant. I think that the lipstick in the bag is not sweet, but it is a little girl��s sneak. Feeling hot on the face, think about yourself as a mother with a daughter, but also like a woman in the middle of the heart, can not help but secretly laugh in the lipstick of self-indulgence, I came to the bookstore. The shop is a bit small, two-story, pocket-sized, and the whole house is filled with the fragrance of the book. I remember that every time I went to school, I held a book that I just received. I first buried my head in the book, sniffing the unique fragrance, and then I raised my face and closed my eyes. Now that many years have passed, I still love the fragrance of this book. I chose a few books for my daughter, hoping that she would develop a good habit of reading from an early age. One of them is a girl version, which is the content of education to guide children, is an article about how to be a kind, polite, connoisseut and lovable girl. Yes! Cultivate from the child. "100,000 Why" allows children to know the world they don't know and accumulate rich knowledge; "One Hundred Historical Stories" hopes that the young mind of her daughter will have an understanding of Chinese history and cultivate her national self-esteem; "The World's Best" Let the children watch the world from a scientific perspective When they think of childhood, they are not rich at home, and they rarely buy books. I read all my brother's books, and I borrowed them from the teacher's big sister There are many books in my brother, including "Marx Theory", "Engels Theory" and "Mao Zedong Thought". I can't see it for these things, so I didn't go to see it. For the ancient heart and chest narrow. The characters are full and 
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