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good trust vendor
The best vendor online for quick UK orders. No doubt.
Order payment takes 2 days to clear by BT then orders
are sent via GLS on a 2 day service to the UK.
Orders are well packed, Air tight and well disguised.
The 3-MMC is the best. All the benzo’s are immense.
Mastermind takes you to a different planet hehe!
For the most clean, purest, amph high go for the
4f-MPH pellets. They are like rocket fuel. Bliss!
Thank you again to all at Chemps!
Chempirates are the best, no doubt.
The packaging, the goods, delivery.
They are simply 5* all round.

However, I’ve one very small gripe.
The small zip lock bags could maybe be
better quality? If you order 100 pills and
reuse the bag it begins to split with time.
Use the slightly bigger bags for 100’s as
the smaller bags crush the tablets and also
fall apart more easily!

Now, Chem P’s are clearly the best going.
Just maybe spend a few pence more on the
zip lock bags.  Thanks for being no. ONE!!!!!!
Try also one
e-mail: [email protected]

These are the 3MMC chrystals you can buy from them. 

[Image: 3MMC-Kopen-5-gram-300x225.jpg]

I have been let down by 4 ‘established’
vendors. Failed promises. Poor quality goods etc

Then a friend recommended Chempirates!

I emailed them. They sent me 2 x etizolam &
a small sample of 3-MMC to prove they are
confident in both their products and service.

2-3 days later my pack arrived. yay!!!!!!

The 3-MMC was so clean and strong.
The etizolam relaxed me off to sleep.
I’m so soooo impressed with these guys!

I’ll be ordering soon CP’s! Cheers
Haha it didn’t take me long....

Just placed my first proper order.

Can’t wait to get it!!!!!!

I’ll report once I’ve sampled my goodies!
Same old Chempirates! Same old level of great service!
Requested for a quick dispatch and they did just that! ✅
Products clean, pure and the crystals are just divine!
I’ve been using them for a while now. They are 110% reliable!
It’s nice to have a friendly vendor who is actually willing to
listen and help you out!

Thank you team CP, the BEST!
Order arrived in super quick time.
The quality of the 3-MMC is immense.
The NEP is also great.
Etizolam is the best I’ve ever tried.

Chempirates are the best around!
another oder arrived thank U Smile
Chempirate great reliable vendor 3-MMC incredible the best ever Smile
packed arrived after 4 days by btc
again great
thx Chempteam for all Smile
love it ;p
yesterday I get my order Smile
ordered last Friday 4 days with track nmb excellent
quality 10/10 event 11/10 Smile
3 MMC excellent is an amazing high, so pure and clean. Perfect!
NEP great and very enjoyable
etizolam last night, slept like a baby wonderful
Still the best THANK U Chempirates Smile

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