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know when the lawn ha
The best is the benefit of a year of spring. In the early morning, the smoke-filled Emperor Liuyan will open the curtains, and the gentle sunlight will lean into the room softly. The warm wind blows away my drowsy sleep. I do n��t know when it will be silent in spring. arrive. Walking around the campus, I don't know when the lawn has been slightly green, and the flowers in the corners are showing a swaying posture in the soft spring wind. The breath of dirt rushed towards the face, and the unknown bug screamed, enthusiastically singing the arrival of spring. Today I feel the first spring poem. Falling red is not a ruthless thing. It turns into spring mud and protects flowers for the first time I came to such a remote country for the first time. There are no high-rise buildings, no computer phones. I didn't even have a schoolbag. I saw three or five of them reading a language book together, looking up, and a young man in plain clothes and glasses was teaching on a simple blackboard. At the age of about 20 years, his face looked firm, and his eyes were full of firm expression. This is a college student who supports education. He told me that the children here are also flowers and need nourishment and gardeners' nurturing. He is determined to build a big tree that shelters from the rain and selflessly. Today, I learned It was the first dedication poem. In this nocturne, there will be no willows. No one can afford to stay in the game for many days. It is another journey away from home alone. Looking at the ceiling for a long time at night and unable to fall asleep, is it because the mother's hot milk before going to bed is missing? Still missing a good night before my father went to bed? Or maybe it ��s the dinner that the whole family ate together. Tonight, I am alone in a foreign country, accompanied by the bright moon and breeze, thinking of a distant home. My thoughts are light, I don't know if they are well there today. What I realized is that we have missed so many spring, summer, autumn, and winter in our hometown, experienced the changes of the four seasons, and felt the emotions of the world. In fact, every day is a poem. It has an overcast and a lack of happiness, and it is staged with sadness and joy. Brings us a unique and touching poem
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