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lifelike. The story is
lifelike. The story is thrilling and exciting. There are many stories in the text that are inspired to me. People should take morality first. It is quite keen to make a name for the people in Ningxia. Every time they go on vacation or finish their homework, they will take a look. I remember that "Dream of Red Mansions" was read three times. I didn't understand it the first time. The second time I saw the excitement. I saw that I was 16 or 17 years old when I saw the third time. After reading a book, I don��t know how many tears I have to accompany my jade. My eyes are crying like a walnut. I don��t dare to go out in the room, I��m afraid my family will see it. I also prepared a small book, copied all the poems in the book, and felt that the poems were like the smell of flowers, so I couldn't put it down. I didn't study the ancient poetry. Sometimes I learned to write a few songs in my spare time, and I just enjoyed it. Although it has been a long time, the learned knowledge that I have read has not been completely forgotten. It is hidden in the bookcase of my heart. I have this "Warring States Policy". I like to watch it. Although I have learned some classical Chinese, I still feel it. Esoteric, not too clear. I sincerely admire the cleverness and cleverness of those counselors. I remember that there is a story about "Wei People's Week" that is about Wei Guowen City, referred to as Wenren, to Zhou Guo, Zhou people are not allowed to enter, ask that it is the guest is the Lord, Wen Ren is the Lord, but ask where in his hometown Can't say it. The bureaucrats detained him. Zhou Wang sent people to ask why: "The child is not a Zhou, but he is a non-guest, why?" Wen Ren A: "Chen Shaohao "Poetry", "Poetry": Under the heavens, it is not the king's soil; The coast of the earth, is not the king. Now Zhou Wangjun is in the world, I am the subject of the Son of Heaven, so I said yes, the master." Zhou Jun listened to release it, not difficult to warm people. Wen Liwen is smart and clever, reading poetry books, and using the powerful words in the book "Book of Songs" to save the danger. This story, I have always remembered it. I was immersed in the book at that time, as if I saw the era of war, the robes of the robes were riding a four-wheeled carriage, arguing for the country to lobbied on the ancient road of dust and sand, and the "Romance of the Three Kingdoms", Liu Guanzhang Taoyuan Sanjieyi, Liu Bei's three Gu Mao, their righteous words, seeking talent and thirst, it is really admirable. Guan Yu guarded the five-level ն six will, Zhuge Liang's grass boat borrowed arrows, the fire and even the camp is really wonderful; and Cao Cao's treacherous, Liu Bei's kindness, Guan Yu's loyalty, Zhou Yu's me, I can't live the world; Do not fight for strength, be broad-minded, know how to be humbly and so on. Liu Beibing defeated Huangkou, and Guan Yu lost his mind to Jingzhou. Liu Bei sent troops to Dong Wu and lost Zhang Fei and Huang Zhong. After the defeat of the enemy and the Lu Xun, he was defeated by a fire. It is really regrettable. Sun Quan pretended to assign his sister to Liu Bei, and wanted to detain the Dahan Emperor in exchange for the Jingjiu County occupied by Liu Bei. The result was a self-defeating, losing his wife and losing his troops. Zhuge Liang sent Guan Yu to guard Jingzhou, Guan Yu sent troops to attack Cao Cao, and Sun Quan took the opportunity to attack Jingzhou, causing Jingzhou to fall and lose Jingzhou. This can't be said to be a big mistake of Guan Yu... I want to come to the Three Kingdoms. I am the one who has the deepest impression. The time has passed very quickly. I have been in the bookstore for nearly two hours, and I have chosen a few books for myself, plus There are already ten daughters. Walking on the street with the book, I feel different from the mood when I came, and people are more confident. I don't know if it is a lipstick or a book, which makes me so happy. The sun is warm, the wind is soft, and the heart is also Lang Lang. Shakespeare said: "The book is the nutrition of the world. There is no book in life. It is like the earth without sunshine." At this time, I remembered my cousin, and my cousin did not go to college. Teaching in a middle school in the 1980s. Cousin usually likes to read books, and often reads deeper in the middle of the night. After marrying, the cousin resigned from his previous job and was doing some housework all day long. The cousin feels that life is dull and tasteless, but feels that the body and mind are still very tired. The cousin also always complains about the cousin: "The sentence of who you are tired all day, deeply hurts the cousin's heart, the cousin is a good man, he decided to go out to find a job. At that time, the 1990s How difficult was it to find a job in the Mainland in the early days It��s also a coincidence that a Pacific insurance company recruited a salesperson and the cousin tentatively signed the name. At the interview, the recruiting staff of the insurance company asked each candidate to go to the microphone. Introduce yourself, and also the participants to talk about their understanding and views on life, career, and insurance. Many applicants are not nervous to speak, but the East is not a word. My cousin can be different. Her cousin can't change her face, she looks at herself and talks about the theme. The recruiters on the stage nodded and nodded, and the testers under the stage were envious. The cousin won the praise of everyone with her extraordinary ability, and was hired by the insurance company. Of course, the only one who was hired, the cousin who was hired, rose from the salesman to the director with strength and diligence. From the director to the department manager. The cousin finally succeeded, and now the cousin, no longer say that the cousin is tired of eating. The cousin��s salary is far higher than the employee��s cousin. The cousin came to my house and said: "Thanks to the book reading in the past, plus the three years of substitute training, the courage, not the market. The question at that time was temporarily issued by the examiner. If it is not usually a lot of reading, there are really not so many words. In a short time, I will prepare a speech in my heart to study more. I can change my destiny and change my life. It is to be able to change myself. Reading is a process of accumulating knowledge that can play a substantial and decisive role when it is needed The road to life in the future is still very long, and it is beneficial to read more and learn more. Reading can cultivate morality and beautify the soul. The woman has more books and books. Talk about the elegance, behave in a civilized way, and highlight the extraordinary life It makes people not entangled in one place, Mingda affairs, open-minded. When you are free, you can keep a quiet, with the book as a companion, with tea as a friend, a few small poems to cultivate the sentiment, wait for the flowers to bloom, the book is full of room, you are not very good on the car, look down and put The book around me, look at the lipstick in the bag, the heart is a rare satisfaction. The book is very cheap, but the clothes are very expensive. A piece of clothing can buy a few books or even more books. Can the value of a book be compared to one or two pieces of clothing? Not only do women look pleasing to the eye, but they also have decent clothes, suitable cosmetics, and inner beauty that will make you feel like a blue, elegant and quiet. Such a woman will have confidence and confidence in any occasion. I hope these books can make up for my lack of so many years, and hope to absorb more nutrients from the book to enrich myself. "The book has its own Yan Ruyu, and the book has its own gold house." I think so.
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