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meeting of middle-l
n order to further strengthen our hospital's medical staff's ability to use drugs reasonably, our hospital has carried out a variety of publicity activities focusing on the theme of "resistance to drug resistance: no action today, no drugs available tomorrow". The activities are summarized as follows: 1. Strengthen the organization and leadership, and clarify the theme of the propaganda for the smooth development of this activity. Our hospital has strengthened the organization and leadership, and the office of the hospital will take the lead to implement this work. First, timely forwarded the notice of the General Office of the Ministry of Health, the Provincial Health Department, the Municipal Health Bureau, and the County Health Bureau on the organization of the World Health Day theme activities, and requested the clinical departments of our hospital to carry out various publicity activities in accordance with the actual situation. The second is to strengthen communication with various clinical departments, do a good job of guidance, and ensure that the publicity activities truly achieve their goals. 2. Adopt various forms to create a propaganda atmosphere. The theme of "World Health Day" focuses on propaganda. The departments of the hospital have clearly requested that various propaganda activities be carried out. (1) Carry out special study. Each department of our hospital combined with the actual situation, organized a special study by convening a staff meeting of the hospital, a meeting of middle-level cadres, a meeting of departments, etc., and asked each doctor to effectively implement it to strengthen the medical staff's ability to reasonably use medicine. (2) Strengthen position propaganda. Our hospital has carried out relevant publicity by means of electronic display screens, publicity boards, etc., which has fully created a publicity atmosphere. (3) Organize lecture training. Our hospital held a staff meeting of the whole hospital to train clinical knowledge on the rational use of antibiotics and other clinical medicines, benefiting more doctors; on-site answering the knowledge of World Health Day to the people who consulted, which was praised and praised by the general residents . 3. Combining practical actions to achieve the purpose of publicity During the "World Health Day", each clinical department and medical technology department organized and implemented a number of tasks around the theme, combined with reality, and truly achieved the purpose of publicity. To carry out medical quality inspections, the hospital established an inspection team composed of medical, nursing, pharmaceutical and other relevant professionals to carry out clinical rational drug inspection and medical quality and safety inspections. Alleviate the problem of expensive medical treatment for the masses. Quarterly inspection of the purchase and use of antibiotics, and the unreasonable use of the hospital's notifications The activity clarified the medical staff's responsibility for the rational use of antibiotics, raised the level of medical staff's rational use of drugs, and promoted social stability and harmonious development.
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