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o this will be telling.”That “one guy” was Willia
“[Nike;msk&233;-c-44_45.html is] pushing more toward digital, so the most revealing information was not necessarily about [Mark Parker] leaving and more about who is taking over,” said James Whitner, owner of streetwear boutiques A Ma Maniere, Social Status and others. “I’m curious to see [their digital shift] affects the boutique landscape and their focus;msk&233;-c-16_17.html on the core kid in the street and the partners who help define the marketplace.”Fadlon agreed: “This new hire — with his background at Ebay and PayPal — indicates where Nike is going in the digital realm, with technology and direct-to-consumer. This move is a natural progression.”While its athletic rival Adidas has seen more leadership change, Nike has been relatively stable in its top ranks in recent years. Parker has been president and CEO since 2006, and in 2016 he succeeded founder Phil Knight as chairman of the board.

“History shows that Nike hasn’t had many changes in leadership,” said Whitner. “Before Mark, there was one guy who was there for a very short period of time and it was so brief that most don’t even know he existed. Nike as a company hasn’t seen many leaders, so this will be telling.”That “one guy” was William Perez from S.C. Johnson, who Nike hired in 2004 to lead the;msk&233;-c-37_38.html athletics firm only to see him exit just over a year later. However, while hiring an outsider might have failed in the past, industry observers think the Swoosh will have better luck this time.“It’s easier today for an outsider to come in;msk&233;-c-1_2.html there,” said Rick Mina, president of retail chain WSS. “It’s a different world. And Mark Parker has gotten that company in great shape.

But Nike needs to have some outside executives, and a tech guy will bring outside ideas.”Character shoes are no longer just for kids.In 19, some of the buzziest shoe releases — particularly sneakers — were inspired by the biggest TV shows and movies of the present day and past.One collab that hit sneakerheads with a wave of nostalgia: the Nike Kyrie x SpongeBob SquarePants collection. Two models of Kyrie Irving’s signature sneakers, the Kyrie 5 and the Kyrie 2 Low, were put out in colorways inspired by the Nickelodeon;msk&233;-c-19_20.html TV show, with colors modeled after characters such as “Sandy,” “Patrick,” “Mr. Crabs” and, of course, “SpongeBob” himself.

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