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slurry seal equipment suppliers
DGL5310TXJ Slurry seal paver is a kind of intelligent road maintenance machine specially designed by our company on the basis on absorbing advanced technology. This machine can be used in the slurry seal/micro surfacing road maintenance project and also the lower surfacing sealing of high class road and bridge surface treating.
This vehicle is made up of chassis, mixture rationing system, mixing system, paving and slicking system, hydraulic drive system and automatic control system and so on (see as figure 1). The construction process is controlled by compute, with simple operation and accurate ration.
1. No auxiliary engine which is original worldwide.
2. High intelligence.
3.No re-calibration work is needed for measuring system.
4.Automatic warning device.
5. Heating of asphalt pump to ensure no affection from the outside and asphalt temp.
6. The smooth falling of materials to ensure no arch rib of aggregate in construction.
Main Technical Specifications

Paving Width(mm)2400—4200 Water   Tank(L)2500
Paving Thickness(mm)5—15Filler Bin(L)400
Working Speed(km/h)2—3 Additives Tank(L)250
Max. Productivity(kg/min)2850 Blending   Form  Twin-shaft Vane
Driven ModeHydraulically Chassis   Model Euro(Ⅲ)SX1315NN306
Capacity of Aggregate Bin (m³)10Total   Mass(kg)Euro(Ⅲ)30700
Capacity   of Asphalt Tank(L)2500 Overall Dimensions (L×W×H)(mm)Euro(Ⅲ)10700×2500×3300   
slurry seal equipment suppliers

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