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some of my friends and my hometown.鈥?Miller Kareem
Lamar Miller played his high school football at Miami Killian High School. He spent his college career at the University of Miami. The Dolphins drafted him in the fourth round in 2012 , and he played the first four years of his NFL career in his hometown.Tonight, he will play against the Dolphins for the first time in his seven seasons.鈥淚 know some of the guys,” Miller said, via Deepi Sidhu of the team website. “Throughout the whole offseason, I trained with the majority of the guys that played with the Dolphins, so it鈥檚 good to play against some of my friends and my hometown.鈥?Miller , in his third season with the Texans, is coming off his first 100-yard game of the season. He has a team-best 371 yards and a touchdown on 95 carries in six games this season. The Dolphins offered him a contract when he was a free agent in 2016, but Miller chose to sign with Houston.鈥淚 just felt like Houston, at the time, was a winning organization,鈥?Miller said. 鈥淭hey would give me an opportunity to showcase my skillset , which I don鈥檛 regret anything. I love it here in Houston.鈥? This is the biggest week in professional football. This week, the AFC South may finally be settled. There’s no greater glory. Only a singular game matters: Colts v. Texans. The rest are what have to happen to keep a professional athletic association afloat.SUBSCRIBE BELOW.This week, we preview the only game that has ever mattered, Texans-Colts, and discuss the filler that doesn’t matter, Eagles-Cowboys , Ravens-Chiefs, and Seahawks-Vikings.SUBSCRIBE BELOW.The direct link is here and below is the embedded player. SUBSCRIBE.You can subscribe on iTunes here.You can subscribe on Android/Google here. You can subscribe/listen on Spotify here.While you’re at it, you should write a lovely review and give us the three stars out of five star rating we deserve. Keep that in mind when you download the episode this week.Thanks for staying awhile and listening. Enjoy the show while you do whatever it is that you do.

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