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the golden light. There are m
In the evening, the sunset was like a graceful girl, waving a colorful dance skirt, the light blue sky was dyed into a dim pale red, and the white clouds were dyed into rose. The lush trees are plated with gold edges, the evening glow is reflected on the leaves, the breeze is blowing, and the spots on the ground are like shining lights. Strolling along the street path, the gentle breeze is mixed with grass, flowers, trees, and fluttered through my heart, there is a pleasant sense of comfort. There are many exercisers on this trail. They all enjoy their own time after a hard day's work. Tired of walking, take a nap on the wooden bench. Among the crowds coming and going, a worn bicycle came into my sight. This is a tandem bicycle. It is large and bulky. Some places are rusty. The bike is a pair of old people. They ride slowly and look leisurely. The grandpa left the car after the grandmother got out of the car, and they sat down on a wooden bench They all smiled and looked very kind. Look closely at them. They are about sixty or seventy years old. They look very tough. They should be the result of regular exercise. The silver wire on the head witnessed the changes of the years and refracted the golden light. There are many broken wrinkles on the forehead and the corners of the eyes. It is like the annual rings of the tree represent the high age. They are plainly dressed, two rough Hands clasped together, sincere eyes in his eyes. The grandpa took a glass of water from his backpack, poured it into the lid, and gently blew it. The white steam slowly sublimated in the glass, and the water slowly cooled down The grandpa handed it to the grandmother. In the end, he still could n��t but the grandfather, he drank it, and his face was filled with a bright smile, and the grandma wiped the big sweat beads on the head of the grandfather. The afterglow of the sunset scattered from the sky, like a gauze, giving people a dreamlike feeling Afterglow, the grandmother lay in the arms of the grandfather. The grandfather took the grandmother's hand and talked and laughed. Such a warm picture combined with such warm warm colors has a strong impact on the human senses, even the most powerful painter can't depict such a moving picture. The setting sun disperses afterglow to the pair of old people, they are like a statue Gives a divine shine. Integrate with everything around, including the sunset.
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