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trendy. If the world regards degradat
To be exiled. He thought it was his actions that caused him to fall, so much so that he fell to the point where he is today. So he woke up mentally and tried every means to help her. At the same time, he helped those framed innocent people in the process of helping her. In the end, he even gave up his property to go to Siberia with her. During this period, it talked about the darkness of the society at that time, and the people were oppressed. The law only protects the interests of nobles, and people are in hot water. Human feelings are cold and warm, faint and dark. What was the culprit in that depravity? That was the oppression of the class by the ruling class at that time, and officials protected each other. Those people were only pursuing the beauty of money and power, but they annihilated their conscience and did such evil things. Even the good warden has brutally mutilated truly guilty or otherwise innocent people because of his long-term social background. Through the perspective of Nekhludoff and his self-salvation of himself, we saw the inhumaneness of the society at that time, which can even be described as awful. And now, in Chinese society, aren't these figures like court judges everywhere? Since ancient times, once there is an interest relationship, there is no good result. None of the 5,000-year-old feudal dynasties in China was long-lasting, and perhaps may have governed and loved the people at first, but because of the hereditary system of the throne, this disadvantage became more and more apparent over time The emperor grew up in a superior environment and did not know the suffering outside, but only knew that the paper was drunk and faint, and faintness and decay gradually grew in this environment. China today is still full of these official powers. Recently, in the newspapers, the underworlds have arrogantly committed robbery, extortion, and murder. Why is this kind of thing so crazy? Isn't it because of the cover of officials? These people not only seek benefits for the people and create harmony, they also condone such crimes and ignore them. Don't you think that these things are detrimental to others? How would you feel if the innocent passers-by who were shot on the street were your children or parents? Do you still laugh and say that they should be so? At the same time, I think that China's education system is still not perfect. Education has become a commodity now. As long as you can afford it, you can go to a good school. However, the children in the mountains are so poor that they have passed the exam well. They can go to good universities, but they cannot afford to go to college. They can only give up their dreams and give up their future. Has anyone ever asked about their living situation? Does anyone reach out and help them? Does anyone know that the hardships these people put in the end are all in vain? Very few. But when we see others being funded, we may be very relieved, but these people are only a few, and there are many people behind them who have never been seen but still live a painful life. Everything is unfair, people with disabilities will be discriminated against, but where they do things worse than normal people; the poor have to be laughed at, but they are stronger than the rich second generation. Therefore, don't underestimate those who are worse off than yourself, because you are not qualified. They also look down on you, have superior conditions but do not make good use of them, spoiling themselves, thinking that this is exciting and trendy. If the world regards degradation as a treat, what else can he do and dare not do? . Money and power are also just degrading factors. Everything has to be on its own, just as the duke in the book witnessed a scene of injustice, the soul woke up and returned to the right path. Now the people are also numb. At that time, society would still know how to resist, but now people urgently need such power. But when others have more power than themselves, they have no envy, but envy. Rather than treating this injustice as a crime, it is a glory. As long as you can use this power to achieve your own purpose, and bury people who are more powerful than yourself in the grave of your power, as long as you achieve your purpose, you can do whatever you want. And those who have suffered unfair treatment can only sigh their fate. The world needs to be resurrected, to understand that what they are doing is so unrighteous. Let the spiritual self overcome, and the physical self. Let those savages be a thing of the past. Society must be clean and free from conspiracy. China will not be strong because people are beginning to perish. Society is also unknowingly classifying. Such as splendid and short brown, cherries and sweet potatoes. People persist in pursuing these empty things. In the end, it is still empty! In fact, what is really precious is not money, but his own conscience. How sad that person lives just for power. This materialist never knows what happiness is, or what is true happiness. There is no shortage of deputy prosecutors in the world who have given up their dreams, such as Selenin, but the lack of a virtuous duke like Nekhludoff and a good prostitute like Maslova.
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